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GREEN APPLE BOUTIQUE, located in Zionsville, Indiana, is a boutique specializing in activewear/lifestyle clothing, airbrush tanning, and the NEW Core Box membership delivery service.

Yes! We have parking!

GREEN APPLE BOUTIQUE has dedicated parking for our customers!

Come park right out front and shop the boutique!

Handicap space also available.

Shelly Petrowski


Hi! I’m Shelly Petrowski, proud owner of Green Apple Boutique.  I’m blessed with a beautiful daughter, Lyla, a wonderful husband, Jamie, an amazing family, fantastic friends and an incredible supportive community, all of whom have been supportive of keeping my dream alive for the last six years… Green Apple!

Prior to the opening of Green Apple, I utilized my background in education from Western Michigan University to teach in China, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee and ultimately in Indiana.  I spent most of my weekends traveling to support my husband’s professional football career. When his career brought us to Indiana, we instantly felt at home, and predicted this would become our permanent place!  Knowing we would be staying put, and with lots of support from my family and friends, I sought out to fulfill this dream of Green Apple.


Green Apple is not just a story about fashion.  It is the manifestation of a dream at exactly the right time and circumstance.   When people ask me why I opened the boutique, I don’t have just one solid answer.   My entrepreneurial spirit had always yearned for a creative outlet. So, I set out to create a store that is the ultimate expression of what I, and others within the community care about: not just a fashionable look, but an evolved lifestyle.  Clothing has allowed me to be true to myself, sometimes stepping a little outside of the box, but wearing each piece with confidence. I wanted to create an environment that encouraged the same for other women. Featuring a paired-down-to-the best selection in workout and lifestyle apparel, chic accessories, shoes, locally crafted handbags, and airbrush tanning, Green Apple Boutique is for the active and stylish on-the-go woman.  It is about rocking an amazing outfit to push yourself through a killer workout, wearing a pair of leggings a little outside of the comfort level while reaching a goal you’ve worked on for a year, supporting a local artist with an adorable handbag on a dinner date, and throwing on a pair of comfies as you gather for wine with girlfriends. Our motto sums it up “It’s not just a look, it’s a lifestyle.”


70 N. Main Street 

Zionsville, Indiana 46032


Monday: 10:30-2:00

Tuesday: 10:30-2:00

Wednesday-Friday: 10:30-5:00

Saturday: 10:30-4:00

Phone: (317) 586-8727

Email: greenappleboutique@hotmail.com


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